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iXcampus is also a university center dedicated to design and data sciences.


At the heart of the university district of Saint-Germain-en-Laye, iXcampus aims to bring together the worlds of research, higher education and business and to create connections and synergies promoting innovation and success for all. The campus hosts 2 CY Cergy Paris University training courses: CY school of design, the first state design school and the International Bachelor’s degree in Data Science by Design.
It is in this unique configuration, supporting collective intelligence, that associations, industrial companies, start-ups and student projects meet on campus.

CY Cergy Paris Universite_coul

CY school of design

Etudiants Design iXcampus

The first state design school within a French university offers a 5-year course to train designers ready to meet the challenges of the 21st century.

Bold and multidisciplinary, CY school of design is based on the development of project-driven training. It aims to contribute to the training of designers, engineers and managers of all transitions: digital, economic, ecological and societal.

The international "Data Science by Design" Bachelor’s Degree

Etudiants iXcampus

This Bachelor’s degree trains Data Scientists from all over the world over 4 years. Taught in English, this course combines hard science, computer science, human science and design.

Lectures at Château St-Léger

Auditorium ixcampus conference

Every month, Château Saint-Léger in Saint-Germain-en-Laye hosts series of conferences, organized by Sciences-Po Saint-Germain and CY Cergy Paris University.

Open to students and employees working on campus, these conferences address various themes based on innovation. Registration required.

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