A UNIQUE RANGE OF SPACES aNd services dedicated to DEEPTECH

iXcampus supports the growth of your business by tailoring its offering to your needs.
From setting up your business to production, you’ll have a space and support tailored to your activity without having to move.


A shared space and a range of services for prototyping in a controlled environment
This 600 sqm space gives you access to a bench in a shared laboratory or a private space ranging from 20 to 35 sqm in a temperature-, humidity- and dust-controlled environment.
The Lab also has a catalogue of measuring instruments and tools specific to the fields of optics, quantum, microelectronics and radio frequencies, which are available to campus residents (weekly rental). Some laboratories are equipped with fume cupboards and can accommodate chemistry activities.


A team of student and professional designers in residence
The Design Studio works with incubated and resident companies on their design issues. Our studio, created in partnership with CY école de design, benefits from privileged access to a 400 sqm Fab Lab, equipped with saws, milling machines (including a 3-axis digital milling machine), mechanical lathes, 3D printers and laser cutters…



A tailor-made support for high impact technology companies
iXcampus offers a unique incubation programme for innovative technology companies. Incubated entrepreneurs and young growth companies benefit from tailor-made support, particularly in the areas of entrepreneurship, technology, environmental and societal impact and design. iXcampus integrates its incubated start-ups into its industrial and academic ecosystem: contacts with scientific experts, researchlaboratories, mentoring, access to testing and prototyping,equipment and much more…


The Co-working space: a place to exchange ideas and a flexible offer to start your entrepreneurial adventure
iXcampus has a large co-working space offering the opportunity to share your office with other entrepreneurs in the deeptech world. By renting one or more workstations in this space, you have access to meeting rooms and all the amenities of the campus.


The campus is home to more than 1,000 students on courses ranging from vocational baccalaureates to Masters degrees in deeptech and design. Offered by the best universities in the Paris region and internationally, these courses provide students with a professional environment and campus companies with a pool of talent.


4,500 sqm of laboratories and industrial premises
Located at the heart of the campus, the D and E buildings have dedicated premises for your R&D or production activities. Ranging in size from 50 to 800 sqm, these ground-floor spaces are suitable for heavy loads and are systematically equipped with secondary electrical control panels, a compressed air network and, in some cases, high ceilings. Both buildings have a space for receiving and dispatching goods and generous modular office space on the upper floors allowing you to house all your activities and staff in one place.


In 2025, iXcampus will open a production school for optics and light technologies on the campus
Each year, the school will train around 15 students to become production operators, with a vocational baccalaureate in optics and photonics. At the end of their two- or three-year course, these students will have acquired a solid theoretical background and unique expertise in the optical professions. The school will have a Fab Lab open to campus companies, with state-of-the-art equipment for precision optics, thin-film deposition and measuring instruments.


Since 2021, iXcampus has been home to CY design school, a 5-year school for designers and a 6-year course for design engineers ready to meet the challenges of the 21st century
Based on the development of a project-based teaching approach, it aims to contribute to the training of designers, engineers and managers for all transitions:
digital, economic, ecological and societal. Campus companies can offer students projects lasting from 1 to 8 weeks. They also benefit from the Design Studio, part of iXcampus Incubator. Made up of Global Design Masters students and professional designers in residence, this studio helps companies with their design projects.


iXcampus is working with its academic partners towards the opening in 2026 of an international Master’s or Bachelor’s-level course of  excellence in the field of Deeptech
Students in this scientific program will benefit from a particularly stimulating professional environment, fostering close links with local deeptech companies and entrepreneurs. With privileged access to cutting-edge equipment in the campus labs and technical platforms, the professionally-oriented teaching approach aims to prepare students to enter the world of work with solid expertise and an in-depth understanding of the issues involved in deeptech technologies.

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