iXcampus and B Lab France sign a partnership to expand the B Corp initiative in France among impact tech companies

iXcampus is a mission-driven company serving the developpment of local communities and developing innovative and low-carbon campuses, hosting tech companies, start-ups and higher education institutions. Through its conference, training and incubation programs, iXcampus promotes open innovation and creates the conditions necessary for the development of high-impact technological solutions. iXcampus has developed its first campus in Saint-Germain-en-Laye (France), which has been awarded the “Grands Lieux d’Innovation” and “Territoire d’Industrie” labels, and is in the process of applying for B Corp certification.

B Lab France, the French branch of the international NGO B Lab, aims to create common standards, policies, tools and programs that will change the behavior, culture and structure of today’s economy. It contributes to the development of the B Corp movement in France, which provides a free impact measurement and monitoring tool, the BIA*, as well as a label that certifies companies that respect high social and environmental standards. Today, more than 5,000 companies of all sizes and in all sectors in 75 countries, including more than 250 in France, make their social, societal and environmental impact a central part of their raison d’être and their business model.

Driven by a common ambition to help companies :

  • transform their business model to serve impact ;
  • to achieve a more responsible and sustainable way of doing business;
  • to engage and train for a greater attractiveness of talents,


iXcampus and B Lab France have formed a strategic partnership. This partnership will enable the B Corp initiative to be extended to companies, particularly technological and industrial ones, in the Paris region and in France. This partnership will focus on three main areas.

Deployment of the B Impact Assessment (BIA) tool within the iXcampus incubator

iXcampus proposes to accompany its incubator companies towards the B Corp certification process through bootcamp sessions based on the BIA tool, with the support of B Lab France.

An executive training program

B Lab’s “B Leader” training program will be integrated into the iXcampus professional training catalog starting in the second half of 2023, allowing any company wishing to take the training in person to do so on iXcampus, at the heart of an ecosystem in line with these challenges.

Events to promote B Corp

Thanks to its conference center, iXcampus hosts numerous events throughout the year for companies and organizations in the West of Paris. In order to amplify the B Corp approach, iXcampus is committed to promoting the B Corp movement and its values during these events. B Lab will also be part of the conference cycle organized by iXcampus “Les lundis de la transition” and will host several conferences per year.

*BIA : Business Impact Assesment


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