Les lundis de la transition – 24 Octobre

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Exploring common misconceptions and original solutions in climate change mitigation

Intervenant : Mathieu Cisel – Professeur à CY Tech – CY Cergy Paris Université

Conférence en anglais

As draughts strike all continents, we are increasingly pressured to change our lifestyles. Anti-flying social movements (Flygskam, or flight shame) have become a thing. Vegan diets are praised. Sobriety is the new buzzword. Maybe we should start compensating our emissions by investing in projects that could help us reach carbon neutrality. Maybe, by lowering our emissions, we could save life on Earth as we know it. Unfortunately, it is not going to work. Too little, too late. The aim of this conference is first and foremost to fight a set of misconceptions on carbon neutrality. We will give a rather grim – but realistic – picture of the situation. Regarding biodiversity, we will discuss the relevance of some extreme solutions whose aim is to save what can still be saved. We will present some Jurassic Park-like projects that have emerged all over the world, but only at small scales.


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24/10/2022 - 18:00 à
24/10/2022 - 19:30

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